Jared Engel is a professional musician and mainstay of the New York City music scene for the past 18 years. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he is often seen on subways and bike paths hauling a combination of instruments that include upright-bass, bass-guitar, tuba, 4-string-plectrum-banjo and 5-string-banjo. He is the founder of the social-justice brass band The 3 Million Majority Marching Band and the host of the “Open Intro Sessions", a video series that introduces previously unacquainted musicians to one another through spontaneous collaboration. He has had the pleasure of recording and performing with acclaimed artists such as Abigail Washburn, David Grisman, Tony Trischka, Kaia Kater, Steve Martin & Stephane Wrembel, and is currently a frequent collaborator with groups such as The Baby Soda Jazz Band, Mike Davis & The New Wonders, Mona’s Hot Four, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils, Sam Reider &The Human Hands and Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers. Previous to 2020, Jared maintained a very active career of performing locally and worldwide, and hopes to resume doing so as soon as possible..